Taynton Village

Incorporating May Hill and Kents Green in Gloucestershire

Author: Tim Butler

Dogs and Lambs

This time of year please remember to keep your dogs on leads around livestock. It doesn’t matter how friendly you think your dog is, the sheep don’t know that. Even soft looking ones like this should be kept on a lead.

Fierce dog

Daffodils in Taynton

Wild Daffodils

This is a great time of year to see the wild daffodils. Glasshouse Orchard near the Glasshouse Pub has a good collection and you could pop in for a pint afterwards. Please remember that they are great to look at them but never pick them or dig them up – they are for the whole community to enjoy!

Apple Flowers

New Taynton website

Welcome to the new Taynton Website. We hope you enjoy it.

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